Hair Product That Helps To Nourish

Hair Product That Helps To Nourish

#HairbyGres 〰🌊

Hair’s been thrivin, as you can SEE ahahaha
THIS HAIR LEWK WAS COMPLETED just by me tyin ma hair up in a bun ft. some styling product & letting it go omg so proud hahahahaahaha

So yeaa this product ~ among other things ~ has been helpin with some of that. I feel like in the past I never liked using leave-in products cos they’d leave my hair feelin greasy or weigh it down or something, but I was pretty pleasantly surprised to find that this actually doesn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️😄
It’s got dimethicone in it which helps form a barrier ‘round ur hair cuticles
(this allows the pdt to give that IMMEDIATE soft & glossy look/effect ahaha) plus it also helps with heat protection because of that barrier, so yeah, silicones are p helpful sometimes tbh hahaha

But as for the ingredients that actually help to nourish ~
It’s also got Sunflower Seed Oil, D-Panthenol, Rosemary Extract & Silk Amino Acids to help yo’ hair improve ovah timeeee

Via @gracemargaretha

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chloe on

my luvv

Niki on

Uda pake ni produk hampir setahunan emg ok bgt cuyy

Edy on

sudah beli, gak sabar nunggu sampee. mo cobaa

Niki on

Uda pake ni produk hampir setahunan emg om bgt cuyy

Frisca on

setiap hari pake ini, ngegantiin hair oil aq

ikal on

@udung asli baguss

udung on

rambutny badai bgt gile

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