I Remember Why I Started This Journey

I Remember Why I Started This Journey

I remember why I started this journey..
Back then, it was all about skinny, skinny, skinny, and skinny.
It revolves around 2 or 3 months fat loss program.
I thought if I can shred all this fats, I would love my self more and be confident.
working out seems only like a β€œTOOLS” & requirement to create deficits.

Along the way, I find another purpose. Another goals.
To build long term habits & system
To train better
To be stronger
To nourish my body
To give my body enough recovery
To meet many impactful people to share perspectives

So why bother to know how long did it takes to get your body now?
Why does it have to be a certain timeline? Why does it have to be QUICK & instant?
You have to fall in love the process,
Focus on you and your own journey.
Like @gainswithjacq once said: walk slowly but never backwards πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Wearing racer seamless set with 3D padding from @mollifix_indonesia

Via @racheladeliaputri

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andreanwintersangpenakluk on

ini istriku masuk mirip banget sama yang difoto

Nadira on


Angelica on

pernah cek IG nya, anti flat cuy :O

Sam on

Wah bisa buat beliin istri nih

Arina on

Hmmm tertarik buat beli jadinya ehehehe

pin on

oke bisa target kurus bulan ini turun 5kg!

susan on

bakal ttp guncang ga ya tapi? mo coba beli


yuk bisa yuk badan bagus dan sehat

Posta on

aku sukaa banget sama ini bra hehehe

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