My Fave : Rose Jelly and Black Jelly Mask

My Fave : Rose Jelly and Black Jelly Mask

Been giving my skin a little time to rest and breathe lately.

Though I’m not a big skincare buff, (I tried doing the whole 17 step program during quarantine but it didn’t stick) I do like pampering my skin with a rotation of face masks for a little R&R.

This week I got to try the newly formulated Rose Jelly Mask from Eileen Grace. And it’s one of the most soothing, easy to apply, easy to clean face masks, outside of sheet masks- that I’ve experienced.

On top of that it’s jelly like texture really fascinates me. It's also packed with rose petals- which for someone like me, makes the routine a lot more fun and appealing.

I love the cooling sensation it has on my skin, and how it was able to rehydrate, calm areas that had redness, and deflate some of my pimples that decided to pay me a visit this week.

It also makes my skin feel really plump and supple I just want to poke it with my finger even though I know I shouldn't be touching my face.

If you’re not a fan of fragrance in skincare however, this may not be for you. However I don’t mind it, and my skin typically doesn’t react adversely to it. So I very much enjoyed the soft rose scent of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this mask, that I’m thinking to pick up their Black Jelly one next.

P.S. Before thinking to purchase these face masks or any skincare- please do adequate research and get to know your skin. You know it best! The Eileen Grace page is full of fantastic information and stories of experiences.

Skincare is a personal journey- and I’m sharing my experience of this mask in hopes it resonates with you

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